Seventh Harmonic are...

CAROLINE JAGO - composition, programming, keyboards, bass, guitar, drums, percussion

LESLEY MALONE - drums, percussion

EILISH McCRACKEN - violin, occasional vocals


Caroline composes and performs  all the music
and plays bass, guitar and drums live. She also plays bass and drums in Sol Invictus, and has performed with Monica Richards (Faith and the Muse), SoRIAH, Peter Bjärgö (Arcana), Der Blaue Reiter, and Narsilion.

Her main interests outside music are travel and exploration of every kind, the impressions from which are the source of inspiration behind Seventh Harmonic's music


Lesley plays live drums and percussion and is responsible for the band's visuals and artwork.

She also plays drums in Sol Invictus, and has performed with Monica Richards (Faith and the Muse), Peter Bjärgö (Arcana), SoRIAH, Der Blaue Reiter, and Narsilion.

eilishÉilish  occasionally sings and plays violin, and originally inspired/forced Caroline to start the band.

Classically trained on violin, piano and flute, Eilish is still to be found playing in a bizarrely range of goth, neofolk, punk, indie and folk bands, as well as innumerable Irish sessions/Guinness-drinking contests. 

We also have the honour of occasionally playing live with: 

Nuria Luis (Narsilion and Der Blaue Reiter) on violin

Fréderique Henrottin (Keltia) on harp

Sathorys Elenorth (Narsilion and Der Blaue Reiter) on percussion

Ger Egan (Vol Distil, This Burning Effigy) on vocals

The story so far...

Seventh Harmonic are a neoclassical ensemble creating sensual euphoric epics that draw on a great diversity of influences. The music blends an intoxicating kaleidoscope of rhythmic intensity and soaring vocals with ethno-symphonic overtures, defying categorisation yet always beating with a dark romantic heart.

The band was formed by Caroline Jago in 1999, initially as a solo instrumental project, but in time evolving into a three piece with violinist Éilish McCracken and various vocalists. The band made waves on the international ethereal scene, although the powerful and experimental nature of the sound did not fit entirely into that genre. After self-releasing three albums and making appearances on national UK TV and radio, the founder members decided to take a break and focus on their involvement with other projects, including Sol Invictus and Sorrow.

In 2009, the attention of Sweden-based Arcana vocalist Ann-Mari Thim was caught, whose lyrical vision and soprano vocals complemented the transcendental nature of the music. This new partnership with Caroline brought the full power of their neoclassical sound into dramatic focus, and the newly expanded live band were immediately asked to play a number of European festivals, which saw them experimenting with old and new songs before finally defining their rich bombastic sound, complete with breathtaking visuals.

This was finally unveiled on the new album, entitled 'Garden of Dilmun'. Based on three concepts of the muses, the wheel of the year, and the seasons of the heart, the CD comes with a lavishly illustrated 16 page booklet. Released in May 2011 on Out of Line Records, it received rapturous reviews, with Zillo Magazine naming it 'Neoclassical/Heavenly Voices album of the year'.

Today, the band features various international vocalists and musicians contributing both live and throughout the band's recorded career.












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